If anybody asks me:

What is my definition of MARRIAGE?

My answer would be:

“Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman that goes beyond the boundaries of romance and friendship; where respect, support and compassion are the pillars of the relationship. It’s a union that goes beyond money and circumstances; in the good times and in the bad times, when in conflict or harmony; where both people put 100% of effort to make things work and where one person never ever ignores or gives up on the other one ”
Seth CM

Good Teachers

As a student, I appreciate when my instructors and professors are faithful to their identities and their own style of teaching. Moreover, what I really care about is the integrity of my teachers; I need to see that they are passionate about what they are teaching. I completely understand that there are policies and procedures to follow. Moreover, i know that there are basic practices and curriculums to stand by; however, this should not limit professors to finding efficient methods of sharing their knowledge. Also, students do not want to be bored in class; they do not want to feel forced to learn without thinking; obviously, no one likes to feel worthless. Exercising the “mind” through participation and making the wonderful human motor called “brain” work with imagination is the best strategy that a teacher can use to motivate the students. I have shared my ideas with family and friends and everyone agrees that there is nothing more “fun” and “exciting” than learning from someone knowledgeable and original.

Seth CM

De-constructing Myself

It is quite interesting to see the changes that I am experiencing as I grow older. I am not just referring to the person I “see” when I look at myself in the mirror; I am also referring to what I see when I reach into my inner self. I come to understand now that I am passing through a process of “de-construction,” a re-imagined materialization of a new self. Feeling like an immature insect that just passed through the process of metamorphosis, instead of the ecdysis process in many invertebrates, that I am carefully reviewing the re-engineering of my future.

Seth CM


Good morning World

I hear you cry

ignorants who hate

don’t make you smile

racism and discrimination

are boiling your blood

because they lack education

or nobody gave them love

Good morning my World

created by God

but also attacked

by the jealousy of evil

don’t suffer my World

that God after all

will always prevail

and will cure all your pain!